FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA

Who We Are

Why CrossFit? Results. Period. End of Story.

Our goal at FallOut CrossFit is to train you for life, through a series of workouts designed to increase your work capacity and allow you to be your best. Our workouts are Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, done at High Intensity. These are the movements of LIFE!

We are not a typical gym! We run outside. We don’t watch TV while we workout. You are here to put in the work. We are here to help you reach your fitness and athletic goals.

Do not be intimidated! We train everyone and anyone willing to work hard – any fitness level, any background.

Our members are our family and community! We push, pull, squat, lift, run, and perform other functional movements at a high intensity. Being physically fit is inspiring, feels good and enriches your life. We want you to join us in our quest for fitness. You won’t be just another member at our gym, you will be part of the FallOut CrossFit family.

CrossFit is an incredibly effective core strength and conditioning program. We perform functional movements at high intensity, giving you a comprehensive full-body workout in under an hour. Classes run by certified CrossFit coaches, and peer-driven, providing an excellent mixture of individual coaching and group motivation.

Workouts are designed to ensure that you always make progress and never get bored. You will always be challenged to achieve elite fitness. Anyone can excel at CrossFit, and everyone who is committed will. It will change your life and how you view health and fitness. You will never be expected to do more than your current fitness level or perform movements beyond your skillset.  However, you will always be coached, encouraged and challenged to improve your performance and test your skills.

Still have questions? Want to Schedule your INTRO?  Feel free to email us, [email protected].