FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA

September 9, 2016

SKILL/STRENGTH: 3 rounds, 20 x sledge hammer strikes immediately followed by 200 m sprint

WOD: For time,

21 x sumo deadlifts

20 x box jumps

15 x sumo deadlifts

20 x box jumps

9 x sumo deadlifts

20 x box jumps

September 8, 2016

WOD: “Scooter”

On a 35-minute clock with a partner,

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:

30 x double-unders

15 x pull-ups

15 x push-ups

100-meter sprint

Then, at the 30 minute mark, 5 minutes to find a 1-rep-max partner deadlift

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September 7, 2016

SKILL/STRENGTH:Four sets of,

Dumbbell Push Press x 6-8 reps

Rest 30 seconds

Single Leg Step Ups x 6-8 reps each leg w/dumbbells

Rest 30 seconds

Back extensions x 6-8 or empty barbell good mornings x 6-8

Rest 30 seconds

WOD: Against a 60 second running clock, for a total of five sets, perform as many reps as possible of:

10 x Kettlebell Swings

Max Reps of Thrusters

Rest 60 seconds between sets.

*Note, this is intended to be light for maximum output…meaning, you shouldn’t be putting the barbell down to rest on your thrusters! Choose your level appropriately.


SKILL: Burgener Drill w/coach, then split jerk work

STRENGTH: 5 rounds – Every 3 minutes complete:

3 x split jerk (AHAP)

Max rep strict pause ring dips (2 second pause in the bottom position)

Rest remaining time

WOD:  Complete 4 rounds for max reps,

30 second max rep power clean (60% 1 RM clean)

30 seconds rest

30 second max rep shoulder to overhead

30 seconds rest



September 6, 2016

SKILL/STRENGTH: pause front squats, 3 reps x 5 sets @ 2 sec

WOD: 4 rounds for time,

400 m run

25 x wall balls

25 x anchored sit ups


September 2, 2016

SKILL/STRENGTH: Strict HSPU x 3 EMOM for 10 rounds – if unable to complete strict HSPU, athlete may choose to do strict dumbbell should press


7 x Deadlifts
40 x Double Unders

Each round, the weight goes up 20# for men and 10# for women.

Starting weights: Rx (225/155) II (155/115) I (115/75)

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