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This is………IT!!!!

Final day is TODAY to get a FREE t-shirt by registering for the Festivus Games. Grab a friend (mixed gender) and get it done!!! After today you can still register but cannot receive a free shirt. 


Don’t delay! Time is not on your side! Convince your bestie to do the Festivus Games with you (mixed gender). Saturday, March 17th is the last day to get a FREE t-shirt!


If you haven’t found a date to the Festivus Games, TODAY is the day! Be sure to grab your free t-shirt by signing up by March 17th. After that…no free t-shirt for you.

March 14, 2019

WOD A: Festivus Games – Skip, Hop, and a Thrust
10 minute AMRAP,
1 x Box Jump to 1 x Thruster
2 x Box Jumps to 2 x Thrusters
3 x Box Jumps to 3 x Thrusters
35 DU -OR- 50 SU (Team choice, both must do the same, one athlete at a time)
4 x Box Jumps to 4 x Thrusters
5 x Box Jumps to 5 x Thrusters
6 x Box Jumps to 6 x Thrusters
35 DU -OR- 50 SU (Same style as round 1)
7 x Box Jumps to 7 x Thrusters
8 x Box Jumps to 8 x Thrusters
9 x Box Jumps to 9 x Thrusters
35 DU -OR- 50 SU (Same style as round 1)
Continue Adding Reps in This Pattern, With the DU/SU After Each Third Round, Until the Time Expires.
WOD B: For max reps with a partner, one person working at a time, 12 min,
10 x kettle bell swings
20 x kettle bell reverse lunges, athlete may hold KB any way 
30 x double unders 
Partners alternate exercises with their partner. Athlete must tag hand of partner to start his/her exercise.

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Coming April 27th
Last call for your FREE T-shirt! Deadline to get the FREE t-shirt is Saturday, March 17th. You could definitely still sign up after that date….but lose out on the FREE T-shirt!


Tick, tick, tick….grab a friend and get signed up for Festivus Games. If you’re looking for a FREE T-shirt the deadline is March 17th!