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The CrossFit Open

CrossFit will offer four options for people wishing to compete in the Open: Prescribed (Rx’d), Scaled, Foundations and Equipment-Free.

The prescribed and scaled options are the usual two categories of the Open. New for 2021 are the foundations, equipment-free and adaptive divisions.

Athletes competing from home also have two options to compete in the CrossFit Open: basic equipment and equipment-free. The equipment option requires athletes to have access to:

  • A dumbbell
  • A barbell and plates
  • A plyo box
  • A jump rope
  • A pull-up location

Athletes completing workouts as prescribed will be ranked the highest, followed by scaled athletes, foundation athletes and ultimately equipment-free athletes.

Athletes may finish the Open with any combination of foundations, scaled, prescribed, or equipment-free events contributing to their score on the CrossFit Games Leaderboard, yet each category will have its own leaderboard and an athlete needs to compete all events in one category to be featured in its leaderboard.

The details: FallOut CrossFit will host the Open workouts every Friday night beginning March 12th @ 4:00 pm. The gym will not be offering a regular class schedule on March 12, 19, & 26 for the evening session from 4-6:30 pm. If you are participating in the Open, you do not need to register for a class on the 12, 19, & 26th – just show up from 4-6:30 pm. If are not participating in the Open, please find an alternative time to workout. Only those signed up and attending the scheduled Open workouts on Friday night will be judged and validated – NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are unable to attend Friday nights, you may opt for the at-home versions.

Please note, due to limited capacity of Phase 2 COVID restrictions, we may be utilizing outdoor space as a viewing area. Please remember masks and social distancing.

April 20, 2021



Rx: 250 x double unders @ 30 seconds on/30 seconds off

II: 150 x double unders @ 30 seconds on/30 seconds off

I: Double under practice @ 20 seconds on/40 seconds off

(Time cap = 10 min)

WOD: For time,

800 m run,

     40-30-20-10 kettle bell swings

     20-15-10-5 toes to bar

800 m run

April 19, 2021

STRENGTH: In 15:00, build to a 1 RM deadlift

WOD: AMRAP in 15:00

6 x deadlift

9 x front squats

12 x push press

12/10 x cals row

April 17, 2021


WOD: In 12:00 complete AMRAP of,

5 x pull ups

10 x push ups

15 x squats

…On the 15:00…

200 m run

1:00 rest

400 m run

2:00 rest

800 m run

CORE STABILITY:  3 rounds for quality,

5 x ab walk outs

10 x Dumbbell Romanian deadlifts

20 x DB plank pull throughs

30 x single count flutter kicks

April 16, 2021

STRENGTH: Snatch + Overhead Squat

Every 90 seconds for 5 sets, 1 x power snatch + 3 x overhead squats

Build to your heaviest complex for the 5th set

WOD: For time,

1000 m row

50 x handstand push ups

75 x alternating arm DB snatch

*Partition as you wish*

April 15, 2021

STRENGTH: Using a 15:00 clock, build to a 5 RM push jerk

WOD: 3 rounds for time,

400 m run

24 x front rack reverse lunges

12 x push jerks