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April 6, 2017

SKILL: Double Under Skill Set

Skill 1: The Jump – complete 25 x jumps with no rope, focus jumping from balls of feet

Skill 2: Single Unders – work 2-3 minutes of singles (Make sure you can see your hands and that they are close to your body and slightly out front. Upper body and arms relaxed. Choose a focal point diagonally out in front).

Skill 3: Single, Single, Single, DOUBLE! – work 2-3 minutes of this skill set (Single, Single, Single then Double attempt. Find an even cadence for the singles, then attempt a double)

Skill 4: Remove a Single – if successful with Skill set 3, move on to removing just one single at a time until proficient, then remove another.

Skill 5: Continuous Double’s – if athletes can demonstrate proficiency in all skill sets above, work on continuous Double’s.

WOD: “Barbara”

Five rounds, each for time of,
20 x Pull ups
30 x Push ups
40 x Sit ups
50 x Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

**Rx, complete as written. Level Two, reduce each movement by 10 reps and scale as noted. Level One, reduce each movement by 15 reps and scale as noted. Non-negotiable.

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