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LuRong Living Championship Challenge 2015 – Final Sign Up Opportunity

  • If you are looking to break free from old habits and make real changes to your diets, look no further!

  • If you are looking to improve your performance watch what can happen to your WOD times when you dedicate 7 weeks to cleaning up your diet (cleansing your body), focusing on your workouts and key lifestyle markers.

  • If you have ever wondered how much better you could feel, stop wondering and take the Challenge

  • If you want to prove it to yourself that you can do it, take the Challenge and you will be supported every step of the way.

The Challenge Begins September 14th, 2015

So…you registered…what now….

You signed up for the Challenge, and you may be asking yourself, “What do I do next?” Here is a description of the requirements that athletes will be completing during the Challenge, starting with the first couple of weeks. To keep things simple, every requirement will show up on the left side “Opens Items” box and is also listed in the Challenge Calendar.

Body Measurements – The submission form opens on Saturday, the 12th in order to give everyone more time to get their measurements completed. Have your affiliate owner or Level 1 Trainer take your seven areas of body measurements. Remember to measure both arms and both legs. You will then submit your body measurements in the form under the “Enter Results” tab. The deadline for submitting your body measurements is Monday, September 28th at 11:59 PM EST.

Initial Weigh In – You will be weighing in now and at the end of the Challenge. This gives you an ever better chance at earning improvement points and better quantifying improvements. Don’t focus on your weight during the Challenge, as weight can be deceiving over the short-term. The submission form also opens on the 12th.

Goal Setting – You will earn points for setting and tracking up to 5 goals. You can set as many goals as you would like, but you must set at least 5 before the submission deadline in order to be eligible for the 100 potential bonus points (20 per goal). You don’t have to achieve your goal to earn points. You simply have to set it and track your progress. So set your goals appropriately: clear, attainable, and challenging.

Diet and Meal Plan – Starting on the 14th, you are responsible for tracking their diet compliance. You can access your diet submission forms (starting at 5 PM on the 14th) by either clicking on the top left section on the page where it says “Daily Diet: Enter”, or you can click on the “Enter Results” tab on the top navigation bar. For each day, you will be recording which diet level you achieved for each of 6 time periods during the day. Make sure you are familiar with the official diet rules. You have more than 6 full days to enter a diet, but we recommend not letting multiple days pile up. Regular logging in is one of the keys to keeping your mind and body focused and disciplined during the Challenge. When submitting multiple days during the same login session, you will clearly see on the submission form that each day will be entered separately, and you will click submit for each day individually. Feel free to print out our summary chart below and keep it on your fridge at home or at your workplace.

Be sure to download the meal plan by clicking on the link found in the the “Resources and Tools” section on the left hand side of the page under the “Items to Submit” feature. You must be logged in in order to have access to these resources.

Lifestyle Markers – Starting on the 14th, you will also begin working toward achieving six lifestyle markers. You will be submitting your results once per week, but to earn the points you will need to stay focused all week long.

Benchmark WODs – During Phase 1 you are going to perform 1 benchmark WOD per week for the first two weeks. The official announcement for the WOD will come via the Blog (must be registered to view) on Sunday night at 5 PM EST on the 13th. You can perform it at whatever level is most appropriate for your skill level, experience, or current physical condition. Each WOD has 3 skill levels with standards for each. For the first benchmark WOD, you will have until the Monday the 21st at 11:59 PM EST to complete and submit your WOD result. If you submit a score and then redo the WOD and end up with a better score, you can contact your affiliate validator to make the appropriate adjustment to your score before they validate it. If your affiliate has already validated your previous results, have them contact the Challenge Team with your updated score. Keep an eye on the calendar and the “Items to Submit” section to stay on top of each week’s requirements.

*** WOD 1 will be performed MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH – if you cannot come on Monday, you are responsible for making it up this week by scheduling it with your coach ***

Once you get registered, be sure to explore the entire site…there are many, many resources available to you – make the most out of the challenge!

Without challenge, there is no change…

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