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December 15, 2014

It’s a Double Up WOD Type of Monday!

WOD A: “Fran”



pull ups

WOD B: With a 15 minute running clock,

complete 800 m, then AMRAP

10 x box jumps

10 x kettle bell swings

The workout “Fran” is used in CrossFit as one of the benchmark workouts for athletes.  It is performed the same way for across all of the CrossFit community, and is performed a semi-regular intervals.  This workout, part of a series of “Girls” workouts with names like Angie, Cindy and Diane, is a particularly popular workout for its relative simplicity and ability to take the fittest of athletes and challenge them both physically and mentally.  No matter how many times one has performed this workout, it does not ever get “easy.”


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