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DOUBLE UNDER CLINIC!!! Just announced!



Hosted by FallOut CrossFit on Saturday, September 20th @ 5:00 pm

Double Under Clinic presented by Momentum athletics covers singles, doubles, body positioning, hand and foot placement and other little fine tuning pointers, concluding with mobility. This class is for newbies and seasoned athletes alike. We can help you unlearn bad habits and reach new PRs!  Two instructors means everyone gets lots of one on one help during class. Momentum rope included! Yes, a custom rope just for you – a $35 valued rope! Class cost is $50, including the rope. You MUST register online to take part in the class. Click HERE to sign up!!! When registering, you must select your 1) rope style, 2) handle color, and 3) cable color. Then add it to the cart, check out, and your ready for class! If you are unsure of the rope you want, click on the SHOP tab then on SPEED ROPES.


Note: A minimum of 10 athletes is required for the class.

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