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Please Welcome Coach Neiffer to the FOCF Team


Hey, I’m Lara. I began CrossFit in April 2009 @ CrossFit Portland & was instantly hooked. I was in awe of the challenge & couldn’t believe something this crazy existed. And I’ve had crazy – I was an amateur boxer for a few years of our Portland then headed to Vegas to get my Pro Card. I boxed as a Welterweight & ended up getting sponsored by a guy out of Bob Arum’s gym. I also competed in deadlift at the Oregon State Championships, ran the Portland Marathon, Hood to Coast & several half marathons as well.

In addition, I work for our family farm where we raise 100 % grass-fed beef. I think the foods we eat are just as important as any exercise routine. My husband & I try to eat local, whole foods as much as possible if we don’t end up growing it ourselves. We are expecting our second child so once again I’m back to scaling workouts. I was able to CrossFit throughout my first pregnancy & hope to do the same with this one. It’s definitely been a challenge learning to workout with a pre & post baby body!

CrossFit is more than a gym. You’ve found a community here like you’ve never experienced before & it’s amazing. There are workouts where we honor those that have given their lives through their service to our country. We think about food & where it came from. People you’ve never met will be your biggest cheerleaders & wherever you travel CrossFit gyms will be the first thing you look up. CrossFit gives you a different perspective. When my husband & I drive by a steep hill, we swing back around, get the whole family out ( including our dog ) to see how fast we can run it. It’s awesome.

See ya in the gym!


Coach Lara will begin teaching daytime classes April 16th!

Classes will be offered Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00 am. Please sign in for class! If you do not know how, please see your Coaches at the gym!

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