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37 days and counting…

The 2014 CrossFit Games season begins February 27th! CrossFit athletes from around the world will test their fitness during the first stage of competition known as the Open. This 5 week competition is open to all athletes and is an amazing opportunity for ALL individuals. From beginners to elites, the competition encourages goal setting, pushing limits, and supporting those competing. You may not think you can do it, but we are here to tell you – YOU CAN! Be part of the FOCF Team and join in the fun!

Looking to push yourself for the next 37 days prior to the start of the Open? You may want to check out the GAMES PREP class. The class focuses on skills as well as pushing you well beyond the limits of a typical CrossFit class. This invitation is only open to those individuals that are proficient in all fundamental CrossFit movements and have training experience. Please note, the GAMES PREP classes are not part of a regular membership, there are additional fees. If you think this opportunity may be for you, contact Coach Tim or Coach Tammy. This is a limited opportunity to join the class. Following the 2014 Open season, an open invite to all athletes will be announced during the entry period for this class. But if you’re looking for a final push before the Open, this may be just what you need!

Check out what’s new in 2014 for the Games!

Registration for the Open is now Live!

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