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Introducing the LuRong Living Challenge

Introducing FallOut CrossFit as a LuRong Lving Challenge Participant



What is the Challenge?

The LuRong Living Paleo Challenge is a proven system for creating life transformation and improved performance. The 2nd Annual LuRong Living Paleo Challenge gives you and our affiliate the structure, technology, motivation, education, competition, and accountability to see real and quantifiable results. Compete as an individual, and as an affiliate team (we need 20 people to be able to be a ‘team’) against CrossFitters Nationwide, for your opportunity to claim your share of the more than $100,000 Challenge Prize Purse.

How does the Challenge work?

During the 8 week Challenge you will be earning points through tracking your diet, performing 10 Challenge WODS, tracking personal goals, trying new Paleo recipes, and ultimately making improvements in your body measurements and performance. We will release the WODs throughout the challenge and athletes will record their results in the Challenge system. Affiliates will be judging the WODS according to our standards, and validating the entries in the Challenge system.

Affiliates will also take before and after body measurements which will be recorded and validated in the system. Throughout the challenge athletes will be tracking how CLEAN their diet is for each of 6 time periods for each day of the challenge. Each Challenge WOD has 3 Skill levels so you are sure to have an option that will be appropriate for you and to challenge you to go farther, push harder, and dig deeper. Each of the workouts during the course of the Challenge will have 3 Levels of Difficulty to choose from: Level III, Level II, or Level I. Level III (L3) is the most physically demanding and Level I (L1) is the least. You can complete each of the first 3 WODS at whatever level you choose. Then in Phase 2 of the Challenge, you must perform each of the 3 WODs at the same level you did them in the first Phase. WOD 8 must be completed at the same Level as WOD 1, WOD 9 must be the same as WOD 2, and WOD 10 must be the same as WOD 3. This will give a statistical comparison for improvement, thus creating improvement rankings resulting in being rewarded improvement points.

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience with the Paleo diet. The Challenge will provide you with educational articles, nutritional tips, and paleo recipes to help you establish a new lifestyle.

Who should join the Challenge?

The short answer is simple: every single one of you. From the elite athlete to beginners, everyone will be able to compete, contribute, and see results. The Challenge utilizes a weighted scoring system which awards points for diet, performance, body composition improvement, performance improvement, and lifestyle. Therefore, it is truly anyone’s crown to win. All experience and skill levels can equally compete as individuals and contribute to their team scores at the same time.

The Challenge will provide educational articles, nutritional tips, and paleo recipes to help everyone establish a new lifestyle.

Nobody is too old, too slow, or too out of shape. Neither is anyone too strong, too healthy, or too advanced for this Challenge. Elite athletes can check their pride at the door. Beginners can overcome their fear. Everyone owes it to themselves to take the Challenge.

There are 6 Divisions designed to keep the playing field level for athletes.

Division Age
Men’s Open 18-39
Women’s Open 18-39
Men’s Masters 40-49
Women’s Masters 40-49
Men’s Masters+ 50+
Women’s Masters+ 50+

So, grab your CrossFit friends for a challenge you won’t forget. After all, somebody has to win all the prizes in the $100,000 Challenge Prize Pool.

It is common agreement across the nation that the CrossFit Opens is a fun time of year, but only a select group of a gym’s total population is interested or engaged in the workouts. Additionally, standard local Paleo Challenges only appeal to those who are newer to CrossFit or have the most to improve. This Challenge provides an opportunity for both sides of the spectrum to unite and compete side-by-side. The ability to compete as an individual and as a team provides both the personal motivation and the team accountability to help push your members through the Challenge.

There are prizes throughout the Challenge specifically designed to motive different members. The Affiliate Grand Prize Winner, top Affiliate finishers, and Individual Champions all reward the individuals and teams with the highest overall scores. Those scores are based on the weighted scoring system described above, so everyone who registers will have the opportunity to win prizes.

This Challenge is also perfect for those who haven’t yet jumped into CrossFit. Encourage your members to grab their friends who have been on the fence to join your affiliate and your team for the challenge. This is a great opportunity to build your client base with new members and to ensure that their first experience with CrossFit is a good one with community and life transformation.

How much does it cost to participate in the Challenge?

The registration fee for all athletes who are participating is $50. Quite possibly, could be the best, life changing money you’ve spent. This Challenge is like none other.

How do I get registered?

Go to the LuRong Living Challenge website and register as an athlete. You will be prompted to select the state of Washington and then choose FallOut CrossFit.

Are you ready to make a change?

To check out the challenge and all the awesome support you will get during this challenge, be sure to visit the Lurong Living Challenge website!!!








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