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The time has finally come that we must say goodbye to FallOut CrossFit Coach and founder, Ben Larkin. Ben’s final coaching day will be Wednesday, May 22nd at the 5:30 am class. If you’d like to be told to squat deeper, get full extension, get your chin above the bar, or insert your own, one more time by Ben…this is it!

The next journey begins in June for Ben as he joins the Army and begins new adventures in medical school. Tournabout is fair play, just remember that as you are crawling through the mud, Ben! We do, however, get to keep Lisa and baby Lexi around for a little longer. We’ll look after them, don’t worry, Ben!

Dream big, and you’ll get there. Ben shows us the strength it takes to stay steady on a dream, and believe that you will get there. We all know his knowledge is vast and deep, and often he has to revise his explanation so the rest of us can understand what he’s talking about! From us asking him what’s up this funky rash or why is my body reacting this way to something I ate – it’s true, Ben has the answer to all our questions! You are destined for many great things, Ben, we know you can do it!

FallOut CrossFit would not be where it is today had Ben not taken a leap of faith several years ago. Through a lot of hard work, dedication, strong supporters, and good friends, FOCF is honored to be the where we are today. We strive to serve our athletes in the best possible way and have learned so much from Ben.

We want to say thank you, for introducing us to CrossFit, believing in us, teaching us to coach with good intentions, and encouraging each athlete to try his or her very hardest. From burning lungs, to visiting Mr. Pukie (I think Ben forever holds that record), all of our bodies thank you for helping us become stronger and lead healthier lives.

Just as you believed in all of us, Ben, we believe in you! We wish you the very best in the future! And though it may be awhile before we see you again, know that we are thinking of you, cheering you on, and pushing you!

All our love from Tim and Tammy Smith, FOCF coaches, and athletes!

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