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January 23, 24, 25 2013


Strength – OH Squat 3x3x3x3

3 rounds for time:
15 x OH squats
20 x box jumps
25 x wall balls



On the minute for 10 minutes: 3 HEAVY deadlifts + 3 single arm DB press (ea arm)


100 wall balls for time, every time the ball rests/becomes static, complete 5 push ups



In teams of two, work through each station 3 times each before moving onto next station (one partner works for 60 seconds while the other rests, then switch) for AMRAP:
3 x each :60 seconds wall balls
60 seconds box jumps
60 seconds push press
60 seconds ANCHORED sit ups


Anchored vs Unanchored Sit Ups

Any sit-up done with anchored feet is going to allow you to engage more of the hip flexors in the movement. This means faster more dynamic reps, but less of the abdominal muscles being worked and more hip flexor. The point of using the Abmat is to reduce the amount of hip flexors used and increase the load on the abs.


STRENGTH- 3 sets of,
Back Squat 8 reps @ 65% of 1 RM
Rest 90 sec
Single arm DB row 8 reps each arm
Rest 90 sec

METCON- 3 rds for time,
30 walking lunges
15 toes to bar
400 m run




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