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March 30, 2012

“Just Hold It”


2 rounds (rest 2 minutes after minute 8)

Minute 1: Plank Hold

Minute 2: AMRAP Push Ups

Minute 3: Squat Hold

Minute 4: AMRAP Squat Jumps

Minute 5: Hanging Tuck Hold

Minute 6: AMRAP Pull ups

Minute 7: Handstand Hold

Minute 8: AMRAP Wall Walks


Score is total cumulative reps from the 8 rounds of AMRAPs.

A few tidbits of information about your health…


  • People who enter their home through a door near the kitchen tend to eat 15% more than those who use the front door.
  • Smokers are four times as likely to report feeling unrested after a night’s sleep than nonsmokers, and are 70% more likely to develop hearing loss.
  • Your kitchen sink is dirtier than your bathroom: There are typically more than 500,000 bacteria per square inch in its drain; the faucet, basin, and sponge are crawling with germs as well.
  • Strawberries and baking soda can whiten teeth, garlic can help treat athlete’s foot, and honey can soothe a hangover.
  • If it’s loud, wear earplugs. Inside your ear there are millions of tiny little hairs that vibrate with sound, giving us the ability to hear things. When the sound they get is too loud or strong, the hairs literally get ripped off and die. And just like baldness, those hairs don’t grow back. This is why people that are a lot of time in very loud environments tend to become deaf sooner. It’s a natural process since we still lose those hairs over time, but wearing earplugs could very well double the years you’ll live without needing ear aids.
  • If you can store it in glass rather than plastic, do so. It’s considered an unproven myth by a lot of scientists and companies, however, coincidentally, when the amount of plastic products in our everyday life began to increase, the world population started to become less and less fertile. Nowadays, what’s considered “normal” in fertility, was, fifty years ago, considered “sterile”. The fact’s aren’t that well spread, but it’s true. Plastics have a tendency to dissolve in liquids more easily than glass. And even though the amount of plastic/glass that dissolves is extremely low, it’s enough to take its toll on a human being. Especially on a baby human being. Laboratories, when testing things to see if they’re safe to use on humans, they test it on FULLY GROWN animals, not baby ones. This in turn makes substances that are “Safe” for an adult also get accepted for the younger ones. These tests are flawed in this sense mainly because, as everyone knows, the body/inmune-system/brain of an adult are far more resilient than that of a baby. Be they rats or humans. So, at the very least, if you choose to use plastic containers for your food/drinks, avoid using them for the younger ones.
  • Don’t trust the ice cubes. When in a restaurant don’t trust either ice-cubes. Though you might drink bottled water to avoid getting some of the stuff that comes in the normal tap-water, ice-cubes were actually made from tap-water (most of the times), so even with bottled water, put an ice-cube in and your chances of getting sick are almost as high as if you had drank tap-water.

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