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What’s Your Inspiration?

What does it take for you to push through the tough and finish a WOD out? Is it your coach, other athletes, or an intrinsic motivation? The answer is different for each and every person and the answer may even be different for you depending on your day. What would you do if your dream was quickly taken from you in a single instant? Would you have the heart to overcome obstacles and continue pursuing your dream? Well, one young athlete did have her dream ripped away but did not let anything stand in her way, she is an inspiration….

The true story of Bethany Hamilton is highlighted in the recent hit movie “Soul Surfer.” Bethany, at the age of 13 was an aspiring professional surfer. Growing up on the “garden isle” of Kauai, Bethany spent every minute she could riding the waves. She was on the verge of becoming a top competitor in pro surfing. But while she was practicing at an isolated cove, a four-meter long tiger shark ripped off her left arm. A frantic ride to the hospital and quick work by doctors saved her life, but nobody, not even Bethany, could imagine she would ever get back on a surfboard again. In a true test of her faith and by sheer will power, Bethany did get back up on a surfboard only a month after the attack. Six months later, she was competing again. Bethany won her first amateur surfing championship just two years after she lost her arm. In 2007 she realized her dream of becoming a professional surfer.

So, what is your inspiration???

30 push ups
400 m run
30 squats
200 m run
30 burpees
100 m run
30 sit ups
50 m run
30 mtn climbers

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