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Gestational Diabetes

As a pharmacist one of the biggest disease states that I get to deal with is DIABETES. There are a few different “types” of diabetes. A couple are natural, one is definitely not, and one has a purpose. Being that we now have 2 pregnant women (soon to be just one) in the gym I feel that this was the perfect topic at the perfect time.

Too often women think that pregnancy gives them full rein to eat what ever they can think up (here come the angry emails 😛 ). Peanut butter and onion sandwiches, or pickles and ice cream, these things sets up this poor little guy/girl for poor insulin control, diabetes and a host of related problems throughout life. These are often referred to as cravings. Cravings are thought to be due to nutrient deficiencies. Which I would argue are because you need higher quality food in your diet and not the concoction for which you are craving. There was a time when women didn’t have these crazy cravings because this stuff didn’t exist. Being pregnant is the time to build the framework for a healthy future for the new CrossFitter. What you eat, they eat, so you should eat clean.

Some insulin sensitivity is an evolutionary adaptation to help create a positive nutrient flow to the fetus. People didn’t have to have glucose tolerance tests before we had all these “food products” (that shouldn’t be eaten in the first place). For more in-depth information regarding this read Robb Wolf’s recent blog post – Gestational Diabetes: What constitutes low blood sugar?

WOD: Tuesday

  • 7 rounds
  • 7 Power Snatch
  • 21 Double Unders
    • Level III: 95/65
    • Level II: 75/45, 3x Single unders
    • Level I: 45/35, 2x Single unders

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