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I’m Not a Runner

I get this same reaction every time we have running in the WOD, “are you kidding me! UGH!” Well guess what the more complaining I hear about running the more I remember that you complained and the more likely that it will be in the workout. Why? Because if you dislike it so much that you need to voice your dislike for it, then you’re probably not very good at it, and therefore should be running more. Practice the things you suck at to get better not just the stuff you are good at because well you are already good at them. You may not be a runner today but you’ll be a better runner tomorrow. Happy running!


Warm up: 1 mile run


  • 800m run
  • 50 Box jumps
    • 10 Spider to Crabs
  • 40 Box jumps
    • 20 S –> C
  • 30 Box jumps
    • 30 S –> C
  • 20 Box jumps
    • 40 S –> C
  • 10 Box jumps
    • 50 S –> C


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