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You should eat more fat!

“Wait a minute, did he just say what I think he did?” Yes! America as a whole is fatter then it’s ever been, and we eat less fat in our diets then ever before. So are we so sure that it is the fat that is making us fat? Do you know the right types of fats to eat? Are you scared of eating too much or that it’s the wrong kind? Americans are fat deprived and it is leading to a lot of health issues. What are the benefits of eating the right kinds of fats? What are your guys’ thoughts on the issue? Leave your own comments. While you think about these questions here’s an article to check out. What are your thoughts on the article?

Welcome Debbie!

WOD: Barbara 5 rounds 3 min rest between rounds

  • 20 pullups, 30 pushups, 40 situps, 50 squats
    • Level III – Rx
    • Level II – Bands for pullups, toe push ups
    • Level I – Bands for pullups, knee push ups

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