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Press it up!

What do you need to do to get the best results? This is the question that everyone asks when they want to start working out. You can go into any gym and find someone walking around aimlessly trying to find something to do that is going to make them stronger or help them loose weight. Generally they are carrying around a piece of paper that tells them what to do, and they write down their reps and wieghts, or how many calories they burnt on the elliptical. So is it more important to have a plan for your workouts, or is randomness the best? Is it more important to focus on lifting for strength or do more aerobic workouts? Short intense workout or long and arduous ones? Many people will argue over what is the best way. But I know that what we do yields great results, and I don’t have to worry too much over what the exact right answer is. If you work hard, have fun, challenge yourself, and give it your all you will get better. Its that easy as long as you keep showing up for your WODs. You be the judge!

WOD: Press and Back extensions 5 rounds

Level III: 75/55 Press x 21, 21 back extensions

Level II: 65/45 Press x 21, 21 back extensions

Level I: 45/35 Press x 15, 15 back extensions

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