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This was a great way to finish off the week! Nothing like having making it past 3 CrossFit Girls in 1 week. I hope that everyone has a fun and safe Labor day weekend. If you go to the scheduler I have post that we will be closed on Monday, for the holiday. But, Matt Petersen offered his services and will be in the gym if anyone is interested in coming in for a workout. Thanks alot! I may be in for the 5:30 class, but I may be out of town. We didn’t get any pictures for yesterdays workout but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any hard effort!

WOD: Elizabeth



Ring Dips

There is a lot of conflicting information as too if these cleans need to be full squat cleans or power cleans. Here is my take on the whole thing:

The whole point of a CrossFit workout is to have the intensity. Intensity gets you the results that you want! And ultimately the beginning and the end of each work out is the same. Get the weight from the ground racked on your shoulders standing completely upright. If you can do squat cleans and keep your intensity high great, I encourage you to do squat cleans, if you do power cleans you didn’t do it wrong you just did it different. You cant compare someones time who did squat cleans vs power cleans because they are two different workouts. With that being said; you shouldn’t be competing with anyone other than yourself!! You are here to make yourself better, not to beat that guy/girl! So do what is going to make you a better CrossFitter overall! Competition is great, and it drives us to try and be better, but remember why you are getting better.

Adrian Bozeman summed it up good in a forum I ran across:

“Ask yourself at the end of a sub 5min. power clean elizabeth if it was cheating. Did it feel like cheating? Did Greg A look like he was ‘cheating’ in the workout vid. posted a few days ago? I think not.

The only time this becomes an issue is when you’re comparing your score against others. If peson A does squat cleans and person B does power cleans, there are obviously going to be some time differences, however neither version of the workout is cheating…it’s just a different version of the workout.

Do them both. Do them both in the same workout (7full, 7power, 7full etc.) Try to get them all faster/better/smoother…ask yourself if you are training to get better at the test or if you are training to get better. There is a difference.

Remember: “mix these elements in as many different combinations as creativity will allow”.

Have fun!”


Level III Level II Level I
135/95# Cleans 95/65# Cleans ≤45# Cleans
Ring Dips Dips Box Dips


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